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Softline Overview

Dynamic HighPressure Arch

Wheel Brush

Brush Station

Chemical & Rinse Arches

Dryer System

Technical Articles:

Chemical usage and Cleaning in the tunnel Environment

Conveyor Speeds and Vehicles per Hour

Keys to a Dry Vehicle after the Tunnel Wash

Whether your business model is express exterior, full-serve, or flex-serve, Mark VII can match the needs of any tunnel site. Our SoftLine tunnel equipment combines Mark VII’s 40+ years of touchfree carwash engineering with our parent company WashTec AG’s 40+ years of friction carwash engineering into a complete line of components that can be customized to meet the needs of any tunnel application. 
Brush Station
The cleaning effectiveness of any tunnel component boils down to two key factors: coverage and contact time. When it comes to friction cleaning, nothing cleans like the SoftLine Brush Station. It integrates a top brush, side wraps and rocker brushes (optional) into a length of only 27 feet to effectively clean all surfaces of the vehicle. Choose from soft cloth or our SofTecs® closed cell foam material to safely and effectively remove the toughest dirt and road grime. And if you're short on space, add our contouring top high-pressure option to get extra cleaning power without a separate high-pressure arch.
Dynamic High Pressure Arch
Whether you want to prep without labor prior to brushing, or clean the car completely in a touch-free tunnel, SoftLine’s Dynamic High-Pressure Arch is just the ticket. It leverages Mark VII’s touch-free expertise to thoroughly clean of all vehicle surfaces. It combines dynamic top and side manifolds with 18 turbo nozzles to achieve a triple-cleaning effect on the front and back of the vehicle. Static side manifolds with 7 turbo nozzles each do the rest of the work by blasting each side of the car as it passes.
Wheel Brush
Dirty wheels are a challenge for any carwash, and they’re a common customer complaint when they don’t come out clean. SoftLine’s solution is our unique Wheel Brush, which uses a pair of 96” long brushes (lubricated by an on-board manifold) with alternating length sections of brush material to reach deep into all wheel surfaces. As an added bonus, they provide extra treatment of the rocker panels.
Chemical Application, Wheel Cleaning, Finishing and Drying
In addition to the primary cleaning systems described above, SoftLine includes a full complement of components to build out your tunnel that include:
  • Controller
  • Presoak arch
  • Tire chemical applicator
  • Tall side washers
  • Triple foam arch
  • Flood arch
  • High-pressure rinse arch
  • Drying agent arch
  • Total protectant arch
  • Spot-free rinse arch
  • AquaDri® dryers
  • Rotating cloth dryer
  • Tire shiner
  • Self-pay stations
  • Water softeners
  • Spot-free rinse systems
  • Reclaim systems
  • Air compressors
  • Chemicals
  • Vacuums