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In-Bay Automatic Guide



An In-Bay Automatic (IBA) carwash system, also known as a rollover, rolls back and forth to provide an exterior-only wash while the vehicle remains stationary in the wash bay. IBAs can be touchless, friction or a combination of both. The customer typically selects the wash and pays at an unmanned kiosk (also called an entry system, teller or coinbox). IBAs are commonly combined with multiple self-serve bays at a carwash-only site to offer the customer a choice of how they wash their cars. They are also the typically found at gas station/convenience store sites.

Why Consider an IBA?

  • Requires roughly the same amount of space as a self-serve bay
  • Has the potential to generate revenue 24x7
  • Typically requires 2.5-6.5 minutes per wash, depending on the wash package purchased (self-serve typically averages 10 minutes per vehicle)
  • Increased opportunities for marketing promotions
  • Ability to offer touchless, friction or combination of both to meet market demand and counter competitors’ offerings
  • Minimal labor costs

IBA Facts*

  • IBAs represent about 43% of total carwash systems
  • Purchases are impulse driven
  • Operators washed an average of 38,568 vehicles
  • Average daily street traffic count: 28,278
  • Median gross revenue per car $6.66
  • 64.6% of customers paying with cash vs. 28.9% with credit card
  • 59% of In-Bay Automatic sites reported yearly profits of $50K or more
  • Most successful when coupled with other profit centers
      Detail Shop 5.2%
      C-store 14.3%
      Lube 5.2%
      Fast Food 3.9%
      Self Service 70.1%
      Gas Pumps 13%

IBA Real Estate Requirements

  • 1 IBA = 7,000 square feet
  • 2 IBAs = 14,000 square feet
  • 2 Automatics + 2 SS = 18,000 square feet
  • 2 Automatics + 4 SS = 22,500 square feet

IBA Model Comparison

  • Low-to-moderate total investment ($800K-$1.4M
  • Short learning curve
  • Short time to positive cash flow (usually 3-6 months)
  • Little or no labor required
  • Low liability exposure
  • Requires a “B” location or better
  • Low-to-moderate revenue potential